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#DesignTipTuesday: What's Your Design Style?

When remodeling your kitchen or bath, consider which design style you are going for: Traditional, Contemporary, or Transitional.


  • The Traditional Design Style can be ornate, utilizing a lot of fluted trims, intricate crown & base moldings, raised or recessed panel doors with a detailed inside and outside edge detail. More elaborate handles & knobs will accentuate your cabinetry towards the Traditional Style.
  • Contemporary is a modern look: clean lines, flat door styles, minimalist textures...the opposite of Traditional, without the ornate & elaborate details. Horizontal and/or large handles on the cabinets and square edge details on doors and countertops make for a beautiful Contemporary Design Style.
  • In between is the Transitional Design Style. Your Kitchen and Bath Factory Design Consultant can mix & match elements from both Traditional and Contemporary to create a unique personalized design for your home. Shaker Door Style, Raise and Recessed panels, different moldings and trim, and various handles and knob combinations are all available for Transitional Style.

Be sure to check back next week, we'll discuss color palettes and coordination.

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