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DesignTipTuesday: Countertop Surfaces

In your kitchen or bath, one very important design element is your countertop surface. There are a multitude of choices, and aesthetics are equally as important as functionality. There are three categories for countertops:


  • Laminate - These are budget friendly and have literally hundreds of color and texture choices. Most popular are the High Definition Laminates which are virtually scratch-, stain- and chip-resistant. Brand names of laminate countertops include Pionite and Formica, both of which The Kitchen and Bath Factory carries.
  • Solid Surface - Commonly known as "Corian" and is one of the original brands to manufacture this acrylic product. One popular opportunity with Solid Surface is the ability to have an integrated sink, which is absolutely seamless. There are no rough edges, and typically your countertop design will make the sink design, as it will all be one piece. Brands you may recognize are Staron and WilsonArt.
  • Stone Countertops - These are the most popular. They include Granite, Quartz and Exotics such as Icestone and Cement countertops. Granite is a natural stone and so every slab is unique. Quartz is a man-made product, with 93% natural Quartz and 7% resin binding agent. Because Quartz is man-made, every slab is consistent in color and design. Samples of Stone countertops include brands like Cambria and Silestone.

Want to learn more about the Icestone and Cement options, or possibly see the Laminate or Solid Surface designs in person? Visit our showroom on Linebaugh Ave. in Tampa, or click here for a virtual tour. We look forward to your feedback!


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