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#DesignTipTuesday: Confidence in Selection

Choosing the right remodeling company is a time consuming job. However, The Kitchen and Bath Factory is here to give you a few helpful pointers to keep in mind during the selection process:

  • Does the company have all of the qualifications? - Liability insurance, contractor licenses, number of years in business, referrals, pictures, etc. These all become necessary during the selection process when bidding companies against each other. It's important that the company is an established one and has all of the necessary requirements.
  • Does the company have a showroom? - A "Brick & Mortar" operation is much better than Joe Schmo, his friend and a pickup truck. By visiting a beautiful showroom, you will get a sense of workmanship, additional ideas, a sense of who the company really is, and peace of mind that you are a dealing with an established remodeling company.
  • Have you checked the business ratings? - Check the BBB Rating of the remodeling companies that you are considering, as well as consumer investigator reporting agencies like www.TrustDale.com. Agencies like these look our for consumers, and their coveted referral is a reward for companies that strive towards customer service perfection!

Be sure that you are 100% confident with your selection of a remodeling company, as this will be a project that you'll want to be in love with for many years after it's completion.


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